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. we live in an api 2, cesar chavez, and we are the only four blocks that cannot leave the area. that is not fair. i know that parents know that they are being screwed in that area. over and over again. >> good evening. my name is byron. i also want to commend that person for doing a great job for putting together a lot of information and a lot of requests into a policy, but i wanted to tell the board that i think they made a big mistake when they put this above local preference and gave local preference no set aside. some of the drugs before march, local preference had some percentage of schools, but once you put back above that, the only map that matters is the map on the right, because a high the desired schools, parents are going to find a way to get an address in there, even if it is only for a couple of months, and meanwhile, the map on the left, where people think they will get into their neighborhood school if it is a highly desired school, a pretty much do not have a chance, so i want you to think about what this means and how you're going to enforce it and how long som
that cesar chavez elementary has. sustainable diversity, but not to a school that is failing, and i am not sure you can do that. >> ok, hi. my name is -- i live in dogpatch at 22nd and hennessey. there was a proposed area for daniel webster, which is drawing all of dogpatch into daniel webster, and then there is a dead and at minnesota, like half a block off of 22nd street, and then it did in south of 22nd street, so it is a really small part that is left out. -- and then if it did and -- it dead ends south of 22nd street. there would probably be no other kids in a region that are willing to go there, and also, a 30-minute walk four as compared to about a 10-minute walk to daniel webster -- a 30-minute what -- walk for us. commissioner yee: thank you. >> yes, this is also a boundary issue. many of the worst schools in the city are in those zones, and there is a way of opting out of them. however, as the first speaker mentioned, there are small pockets within those zones that are simply stuck in the school area, because they are not in that zone. so i figured out that we are in the wors
agency and the cesar chavez a sewer improvement system. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 12, resolution adopting the fire department to enter into a 10-year agreement with presidio trust to provide fire and emergency services. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted. >> item 13, resolution adopting -- authorizing the fire department to enter into a 10- year agreement with the national park service to provide fire and emergency medical services to national park service managed areas within san francisco. >> this is adopted. >> item 13 -- 14, the hiring of permanent career severely and federal firefighters displaced by the closure of the national park service fire station in presidio. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 15, ordinance amending the planning code to allow new full-service and small self- service restaurants with a conditional use authorization to permit some said especially for the establishment as the right and to prohibit all large fast- food astonishment. >> this ordinances passed on the first reading. >> 16, a resolution approving and authorizi
on the gaming and storm water features for the cesar chavez redesign project. this is a grant we are pursuing. we have been extremely successful in augmenting our services. the department has applied for and received funding for more than four million dollars worth of grants. the full board herridge that the development a key stimulation -- the development legislation. we are going to study the infrastructure districts. the other resolution would apply to the committee facility districts and at this july hearing, you recommended approval. to date, only the maximum resolution as been heard at the full board. we ask for the committee and the long-term effects from the general fund. the committee should analyze the potential fiscal impact to the general fund and there are some minor modifications and this week fell whole board adopted it. we also had two appeals before the full board, one was an appeal for city place. the other was the appeal of a conditional use authorization. this is authorized by the signatures of four members of the border supervisor's. maybe you can -- you consider this on
transportation plan and that identifies the truck routes. and you are right, transportation doesn't stop at cesar chavez and we are including the bayview-hunter's point in the eastern neighborhood plan, and i appreciate you reminding me of that and we have to look at those areas and movement is important and trucks are big and yet people live there. thank you. >> i am concerned of the lack of human element and we are talk being about and it seems that people can affect pedestrian safety as much or if not more as the things you are talking about. we were taught that when you learn to drive, that you stop on the yellow. and now they stop on the red. why don't we go back the way it used to be, we don't hear to stop and look and listen. and these are the basics that we are missing. and we could have a bumper sticker, i sometimes stop on the yellow. and there are a lot of things of changing people's habitat. and about seven week agos, i took a pledge not to jay walk and to wait until the signal turns to walk. it's difficult and i have been doing it and only broke it once in seven weeks. and if you are
on their education and life. at everett she was awarded the cesar chavez peace award which is given to outstanding individuals for exemplary services to the community. she's always been a caring, loving, knowledgeable and dedicated educator, the kind of educator you remember for a lifetime. ms. roberts was a master teacher with a huge heart and never gave up on any child, infired them to go to college and become lifelong learners. she'll be greatly missed. and on behalf of the board of education and the district, we want to send our condolences to the family of ms. roberts as well. so we move on to our meeting. but maybe we could have a short moment of silence. [moment of silence] president kim: thank you. item a, approval of board minutes. do we have a motion and a second? >> second. >> second. president kim: are there any corrections? seeing none, roll call, please. >> thank you. ms. chan? >> yes. >> ms. fan? >> yes. >> ms. fewer? >> why. ms. fauf as? >> yes. >> mr. yee? >> aye. >> ms. kim? >> seven ayes. president kim: the presentation to the board of education, the superintendent's report. >>
jose. this is the plaza de-cesar chavez. the kids are getting play time in the heat. as we go through the afternoon tomorrow temperatures warm up more. fog through tonight and into tomorrow we'll lose that a lot earlier. monday we are not going to see much of it at all in the morning hours. 57 in san francisco, 87 in concorde, 88 in livermore. 84 san jose. 70s through napa and sonoma. we are going to see plenty of 90s tomorrow. temperatures have come down two to ten degrees from this time yesterday. plenty of fog and cloud cover this morning. wind out of the northwest ten to 15 miles an hour into the delta area. this is the setup moving through the evening hours into tomorrow. some of the fog at the golden gate gets pushed to the south. a ridge of high pressure here. cold here. the wind out of the north is pushing the fog into southern california. the warm air in place will start to expand tomorrow. that gets rid of the fog earlier. temperatures come up a few degrees. it gets stronger on monday. for labor day we've got the offshore coming through. it becomes more of a north easterly w
i always want to be in the company of illuminaries like cesar chavez. people making a difference, but to people's hearts. giving people a sense of tangible hope. one thing is to be famous, it is quite another for people to like you. i am grateful for this award. it is another blessing. i do not take it for granted. this is an incredible city. everywhere i go, i tell everyone that this is the atlantis of today. there is no other city in the world -- i have been everywhere. there is nothing like san francisco. in fact, to me, it is not even the united states. you can see how fox network always attacks us. we do not have an inferiority complex. we just do not follow blindly. we question authority. as i said before, a person for person, there are more artists and con artists in the bay area. >> you are someone who has idenfied so strongly with the bay area. a lot of it reflects the values that you also identify with. i know that you have been promoting an idea for a work of public art that could be pretty transformative. could you talk about that? >> peace brother is something that i
, a view hunters point, redoing parks, streets, valencia, cesar chavez. i will close with just a few thoughts -- soma mid market sixth street, fifth street, seventh street. here we go again, another mayor over promising, under delivering. i agree with you. i do not know if i over promised -- but i do not feel like i have delivered. at the board of supervisors, there was one person who killed that development plan. thank god for -- [laughter] that is the great warriors spirit. a kind of remember you, but that power is not emphasized negatively. we decided to create this new central market pot -- partnership. this is about seven city agencies coming together. we did some best practice analysis and covered the country. we realized the catalyst to our effort was the most important thing. arts. arts will lead to that renaissance. theater, dance, music. kick literally, 75 -- literally, 75 our organizations are committed to coming back to this area. what they need is the border supervisors to not play politics and not screw this up. city place, the anger of this revitalization, approved by
--- ---ademas, es cofundadora la union de campesinos de america junto con cesar chavez------y hoy celebra 80 anos---cometi una indiscrecion??? ---mire, le voy a ---mire, le voy a hablar de algo completamente distinto. ---el contar con dinero en cuentas bancarias y poder pedir billetes de veinte en un a-t-m (o cajero automatico).... es algo fascina. fascinante.....---pero en en espaÑa se volaron la barda por que, estrenaron un cajero que dispensa barras de 1, 5 y hasta 10 gramos ... pero de oro !!!---dentro de la maquina se instaÓ una computadora que se encarga de calcular las cotizaciones.---que le parece ! adelantados en espaÑa, no? en espaÑa, no? --- ¿le dije que --- ¿le dije que el otoÑo venia con calor? si, se lo dije ... pero el que sabe ... (porque sabe) es ariel rodriguez ! nuestro meteorologo...ariel =el pronostico de ariel en noticiero telemundo 48, a las seis y a las once, cubriendo toda la bahia= el tiempo estara mas calido comenzando manana con maximas en el rango de los 80 grados a traves de toda la region...para el fin de semana en el interior subiremos al rango de los 9
chavez. she also had the f.b.i. investigate for being communist. good stuff. cesar chavez was investigated by the -- she's right there, by the way. it's great. so, to have her there at the labor -- the department of labor helping them on things is really good. it actually might be better than what she was doing before. what was she doing before? the lady who said the alternative to capitalism is democratic socialism? yeah. indoctrinating our children. here is the story from theblaze. here she is talking to high school students. watch. >> the average -- [ inaudible ] of pay of ceo of fortune 500 company is $3 million to $9 million a year. what are you going to do with all that money, right? i don't care how much money you make. you can only eat three meals a day, you know. you can only wear one suit of clothes a day. so the idea a lot isn't wrong as long as use it for the people, like what hugo chavez is doing in venezuela. >> glenn: didn't the president say i don't care how much you make, nothing wrong, but how much can you eat? she's praising hugo. which kind of makes thi
. >> reporter: we are at our lady of guadalupe church in east san jose. this used to be cesar chavez's home parish so there is a long history of social activism here. 1800 members of the parish participated in the survey which found wide distrust of the police department starting with the priest. >> they were just checking who i was and... >> reporter: father reyes was pulled over by one san jose police car and surrounded by three backup cruisers fear there out lady of guadalupe church where he is the priest. his infraction, not using his blinker. >> if i was in a different neighborhood with different dollar my face i never will be stopped. >> reporter: he was not dressed as a priest. he feels he was discriminated against for his race and appearance. >> i say so many people, it can be true. but it happened to me so i know it's true. >> this must stop. >> reporter: the incident was used to highlight a report that shows that more than a third of 1800 people surveyed in east san jose feel they have been stopped by police unjustly. police chief rob davis defended his department. >> there is an
it. [applause] dr. king spoke to cesar chavez those many years ago. he said our separate struggles are really one. that trip became painfully clear when less than one week after i had appeared before the chc, some of the biggest wall street firms collapsed and the bottom fell out of our economy. millions of families across america were plunged into the deepest recession of our lifetimes. the latino community that had been hard hit before the recession was hit even harder. when i took office, i insisted that we could only rebuild our economy if we start growing the economy for all of our people, not just some of our people. [applause] if we provided economic security for all of our working families, all across america. we had to renew the fundamental idea that everybody in america, everybody in america has a chance to make it a try. , no matter who they try, no matter what they look like, no matter where they come from, or where they were born. that is the idea. the chance to make of our lives what we want and i know that many of you are thinking tonight about a task that is central
, northbound 101 at cesar chavez. report of an injury crash with a motorcycle down. also in oakland a crash westbound 580 at grand avenue, that one has been there longer. there is an accident blocking the two left lanes. it is packed up for one freeway exit. >>> there is that crash southbound 880 causing the most traffic. they have moved it off the freeway but the traffic is still kind of slow in that area approaching 238. now at 6:48. let's talk about the bay bridge, westbound, the traffic is moving along okay into san francisco. and one more thing, this is a look at westbound 24 getting busy on the way from walnut creek through lafayette and oakland. now, here is steve. >> thank you, sam. good morning and a few high clouds you can see this, a few higher clouds in this. oh, boy, you caught me there. you caught me. the fog is also on the coast and temperatures today it wl be warm to hot inland but not as hot and the humidity going up because right there these clouds are coming up from the south. the fog, though, i mean there could be a good 20 degree drop on some of these temperatures by th
million for improving streets. cesar chavez will be the first to get work. other funds will be spent on replacing pavement and curbs throughout the city. the money comes from federal and state grants and bonds passed by state voters. >>> two groups planted themselves in the parking spaces along felt street in san francisco. the groups known as fix fell and the wig party began their protest at noon and they plan to be there until 7:00 tonight. the protesters say more needs to be done to fell street to make it safer for bicyclists. >>> before you reach for your kids' cereal do you read the ingredients. and what is die five? we'll tell you about it. >>> and what's we have coming up for the weekend, what you'll need to do to stay dry. >>> san francisco restaurant workers call for a massive overhaul in the way they're treated. many of them live in extremely tight quarters in places like this. >>> more details in the deadly incident involving five bay area high school students and the discovery that may help explain what went wrong, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. south of lared th
with dolores huerta, cesar chavez. major, major events in san francisco. >> born in san francisco, the son of a radio engineer and a bilingual teacher, john witnessed discrimination from an early age, and lived through some defining moments in history. at just eight years old, his mother took him to see senator robert kennedy speak. >> it was really a breathtaking event, to see a united states senator. to see someone reaching out to the latino community and all people, standing up for justice. tragically, three days later, right after the victory in the california primary, was the day he was assassinated. that was a real eye-opening event. >> the impact of the moment made him realize he had to get involved and help make this world a better place. he got a government degree at harvard and studied law at stanford university. >> i saw law as the gateway to being able to solve some of the problems that i would see in our community. >> for john, law and public policy can change the balance of power in favor of those who most need help. rather than go work for a high-profile law firm, earning to
direction. negotiable 101 at cesar chavez. john with the kcbs phone force called us about this one. he says this is an accident involving a motorcycle. traffic just beginning to back up in that area. updating you on a couple of earlier accidents, one in san leandro south 880 near lewelling boulevard, all lanes now clear but it's still really jammed from davis street and they cancelled this traffic alert in oakland westbound 580 at lakeshore avenue so all lanes open here as well but it's still slow as you pass that now earlier accident scene. whoo, a lot to get to. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >>> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for today does include temperatures not as hot as yesterday, up to 105 yesterday inland, now 99. cooling down at the bay to the lower 80s and the upper 60s at the coast. we continue to cool down through sunday with more seasonal temperatures as we move into the weekend. monday and tuesday temperatures rebound. our mypix photo for this hour, the coast is clear, sent in by lee in santa rosa. if you have a photo to share with us,
, he has served as the president of the united farm workers, note first founded by cesar chavez. he holds a master's degree in social work from the university of michigan and has worked for the usw since 1973. he has oliver -- he has over 35 years of experience organizing former erskine negotiating contracts, and working for -- organizing farm workers, negotiating contracts, and working for fair wages and working conditions. finally, stephen colbert is a peabody award winning host of the comedy central television show, "the colbert report." he and his team have a one two emmys for outstanding -- have earned two emmys were outstanding writing. he recently teook a trip to a working farm to understand the circumstances of the american farm worker. each of you has prepared a written statement. those will be made part of our official record. at this point, we would like to summarize your statement and about five minutes. -- we would like you to summarize your statement in about five minutes. there is a machine on your table that will give you a green light when you have time and a red li
good. southbound 101, looks like we have slowing coming around cesar chavez. and this morning's drive in the south bay is still very slow. 280, 85, and 101. now, here's steve. >> thank you, sir. happy monday, everybody. well, we are getting ready to crank up those temperatures. except right by the coast. there are areas where the fog is really thick. you go across the street and it's clear. some areas have reduced visibility. it's hot for many. 95% of the area. the coast, 70s and 80s. thick fog will be on parts of the coast. but there's a lot out there. fire danger goes up, there's not any breeze. there's high pressure building in and being strong. you can see why. look at that. when you see that, that's a sure sign right there. i'll show you. today will be the hottest day of the week. fog is there. our forecast models didn't pick up on it at all. it's there. the coast without that north, northeast wind, i mean, it will be nice. there are areas where the fog is thick. inland it will be 100. 50s have given way to 62 in san francisco. we'll go high of 84 today. there could be a few are
101. slow traffic from cesar chavez. it look like another record- setting day for temperatures. inland areas will be in the 90s and 100s. 70s and 80s, 90s on the coast. high clouds start to stream up north and some fog starts to regroup and then friday and saturday much cooler. >> miserable. in some spots. >> some. people have been waiting four months for this weather. >> but the sad story of the woman who died in the hollywood hills, a really important warrant -- a really important warning to take it easy. >> yes. >>> that will do it for us, everyone. thank you for joining us. >> bye now.
on all of the reforms that we did for immigrant workers, working with cesar chavez. i think he was one of the most profound organizers of our time. let me ask you, in the immigration reform, if we talk about allowing citizenship to be made available to farm workers, how would you frame that? would you say that, if you have been here working without papers for four years, five years, two, 10, you should be afforded citizenship? how would you do that? >> thank you very much, congressman -- congresswoman waters. we have a solution in the legislation that mr. berman and the other member of the congress, adam putnam, had put together and fashioned to deal with the agricultural industry as physically. a worker who worked 150 days in agriculture in the previous two years would be allowed to become part of the abbey jobs program -- ag jobs program. it would not get automatic legalization. it would be put into a program -- they would not get automatic legalization. they would be put into a program for the next three to five years. they would pay outport of $500 million of fines for being here a
of a new injury crash on southbound 101 approaching cesar chavez. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. so our forecast for this morning, san jose we have seen quite a bit of clouds and, boy, that's a deck of clouds. but you can see that layer of clouds, once you don't see -- i see it. i'm looking at the satellite. once those clouds move out, we'll have some sunshine today. our forecast for today, clouds along the coast, drizzle, that won't clear out. but the bay and inland will see a mix of sun and clouds today, also warmer conditions expected for the weekend. and we'll take that warmer weather into the beginning of next week. >>> welcome back to "the early show." i'm walking along and, you know, this guy gives me a bottle of horseradish. i heard a whole segment on the radio about this stuff because it's low calorie but gives you all kinds of flavors. aren't you happy -- >> i love horseradish. i like a little extra in my cocktail sauce, bloody marys. >> on kenwick rolls. >> oh, the things you can do with horseradish. >> you didn't know what you
approaching cesar chavez. the left lane is blocked there. so looks jammed from the 280 interchange. coming down the eastshore freeway, very slow right now through hercules all the way down into pinole. and then check out this live look at ashby. jammed through the macarthur maze. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up well into the macarthur maze. and i want you to check out that drive time. 42 minutes right now on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we had a couple of earlier accidents along that stretch. that's adding to the commute there. mass transit is a "spare the air" day, and everything is running on time. speaking "spare the air," here's tracy with a check of your forecast. >> yeah, "spare the air," it's going to be hot out there again today. here's a look out from our san jose camera. yesterday, san jose in the 90s. today up to 98 degrees. here's a look at some more cities -- well not cities but location. inland up to 104. lower 90s around the bay and the mid-70s at the coastline. temperatures are cooling off tomorrow, that's for the entire bay area,
Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 (some duplicates have been removed)